LeoVegas access problems – Try these solutions

If you can’t access the Leo Vegas casino site – try this

Having trouble logging into your LeoVegas account? It can be frustrating to type in the password that you know should work but to no avail. When this happens, there are a few measures you can try. Check the following tips to see if the problem is with LeoVegas or something else.

  1. Check your login details
    You probably don’t want to but let’s start at the beginning. Many people now have more than one email account to name.

At some point, this can be confusing as we struggle to remember which email address we used and where. The two ways to solve this problem are: Try logging into LeoVegas with your other email address. Look in your inbox for a confirmation email or newsletter from LeoVegas. If there is no mention of LeoVegas in any of your email accounts, double check that you are on the right site. It happens!


2.Update your cache

The IT department would tell you to restart your computer or delete your cookies. They are rarely wrong, so we listen to their advice. Occasionally, when a website has been updated, your browser will still redirect to the version it knows. To avoid this, open LeoVegas in your browser and press the ctrl and F5 buttons at the same time. This should force your browser to reload the website, in which case it will load all updates. Alternatively, clear your cookies and refresh your cache in your browser settings.

3. Check if the site is down or blocked.

Sometimes, websites can be blocked. Being blocked is a cause for concern as it is, more often than not, a security issue.

That said, it can also mean that a casino site has been blocked by mistake by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This can happen when filters are activated to prevent children from viewing harmful websites.

Leovegas cant login

Sometimes casino sites get caught in these filters by mistake. Down for all or just for me view of the site is blocked? If you suspect that a site is blocked only on your computer, create a short URL in a tool like bit.ly and paste it into your browser. If it works, it is your ISP that has blocked the site. The site not working on the other hand is most likely a technical problem encountered by the casino’s website provider. To check if a website is down, try IsUp.me or websitedown.info. Both sites will tell you in seconds if a site is down. All you have to do is provide the address of the casino website.

4. Contact LeoVegas customer service.

You know how some people immediately ask for direction when they get lost? This approach could get you into LeoVegas faster than any other solution. Most casino sites have a live chat customer service feature. In the worst case scenario you will have to send an email to customer service.

When you make contact, provide the name and email address you registered with. Never reveal your password details or credit card details. The LeoVegas customer service team should be able to help you log in again in no time. leovegas support centre

5. Has your account been locked?

Casino sites are sticklers for rules and compliance. In the event that a user has not submitted the correct verification details or updated ID, they may be temporarily blocked. The easiest way to check if your account has been blocked, temporarily or not, is to check your email. No account will be excluded from a casino site without receiving a written warning or request for information.
Remember to check your spam folders. If you feel you have been banned in error, you will need to make direct contact to appeal the decision. Related Articles: Unibet can’t log in 6. If nothing else works When all else fails, look at trying an alternative to LeoVegas. Being a new player on another casino site could mean getting bonus money to play with. Look for a site that has games similar to the VIP Casino review.

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