How to Play Bingo?

So, you want to learn how to play Bingo online. All you need is patience, a bit of luck, and a thirst for the jackpot. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then let’s get on with learning how to play online Bingo. If you are into the sport that’s creating waves in bingo communities all around the world, then we have got a surprise for you! The hottest casino of the year, LeoVegas, rewards new players with a Bingo Welcome Offer. The fantastic prize is worth up to a hefty $1,000 in real money and 200 Free Spins!

If that offer has got you twiddling your thumbs, you have come to the right place. Our team has many tips for beginners on learning Bingo and winning. Read this guide for the best ways to win the jackpot and play Bingo like a pro right from the start!

Playing Bingo – The Modest Beginnings

Before you set your sights on the coveted prize, you must familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the game. While Bingo is easy enough to play, there are certain parameters that one must keep in mind. So, before taking a shot at it, here are some things you need to know before you awe your competitors.

Firstly, a game of Bingo boils down to simply hoping that your tickets containing numbers match other random numbers. To elucidate, your tickets need to be the same as the numbers that a Bingo Caller arbitrarily picks. You can cross off each matching number as they are called out. You either scratch off a line or a particular imprint design on your cards or tickets. How do you win? You have to match your numbers on the ticket with a specific pattern with the Bingo Caller calls out. Whoever achieves to make the matches before all other players wins the game.

You can choose to play a particular kind of Bingo based on the numbers printed on your ticket. In addition, you can play Bingo with a certain set of balls – it could range from 75 balls to 90 balls, and so on. Have no worries; we will discuss these elements in detail below.

If this sounds too easy, that is because it truly is that easy. To top it all off, LeoVegas knows how to make the best of everything for all its players. The bingo rooms at this casino blockbuster offer the most tantalizing jackpots. These are the biggest rewards you could ever lay your hands on all around the world!

The LeoVegas Bingo Room – A Favorite among Champions

Once you understand the intricacies of Bingo, you are in for a treat. With LeoVegas Bingo, you get a range of goodies you would not find anywhere else. When you log in to the site, you will find the most aesthetically pleasing lobby with a savannah theme. The exterior side of the lobby for Bingo is filled to the brim with various tiles titled with attractive games. The tiles express the number of bingo rooms available for your pleasure. You can choose the tile-based on the information it provides.

Here is what data a game tile offers when you click on it to find an available bingo room to play:

  • The name of the room
  • The type of game it offers is based on the balls that the room uses
  • A timer that counts down until the game begins
  • The number of participants who are present and have bought tickets for the room
  • The cost of the ticket
  • The type and details of the prize that the room offers
  • If the bingo room offers a jackpot reward, you get info about that as well

Understanding the Lobby of LeoVegas: Win Your Way to the Top

Bingo with 90 Balls

We shall begin by understanding what a bingo ticket at a LeoVegas Bingo Lobby looks like. When you choose a game from the numerous tiles available, you will receive a ticket on purchase. The ticket will contain a grid with 27 squares on a 3×9 pattern. Out of the 27 squares, you will see that 15 of them encapsulate numbers inside them.

The first column will contain numerals ranging from 1 to 9, followed by 10 to 19 in the second column. It goes on until the final number stands at 90. In a game with 90 balls at play, every player has three opportunities of winning the round. In every round of an average of this number of balls, the opportunities lie in these modes:

  • When the player strikes off the numbers on a single line
  • When a player strikes off double lines
  • When a player achieves what is known as a Full House, a player gets the golden opportunity of striking off all three columns on the ticket.

Bingo with 75 Balls

People in the United Kingdom prefer to play with the variant containing 90 balls. On the other hand, in the United States, the game is a little different across the pond. The fast pacing of the variant with 75 balls in place is what charges up the Americans!

In the 75-ball type of game, a ticket looks quite different from what you expect from the 90-ball version. A 75-ball ticket consists of 25 squares set in a 5×5 gridding pattern. Each square of the total 25 contains a singular, unique number, except the one in the middle. The middle square is empty and is therefore known as the ‘free’ square. The columns are marked up from the numbers 1 to 15 in the first house, 16 to 30 in the following column, and so forth until it reaches the number 75. Similar to the ticket designs, the 75-ball game does not rely on the winning methods of its 90-ball bingo counterpart. Instead, winning the game with this variant ball type is guaranteed when you complete a particular set pattern on your ticket. For example, say you are playing with the ‘4 Corner Cross’ method. But, first, you have to strike off the numbers on the right and left. These belong on the top and the lowest lines on the ticket.

Bingo with 80 Balls

The 80-ball bingo variant is more for the connoisseurs of the game. It caters to a select taste not common to all. With its creative interpretation of Bingo, this variant was originally known as shutter bingo. The name came from covering the numbers with a small shutter cover in traditional bingo gaming spaces.

When it comes to the 80-ball variant bingo, the ticket offers 16 squares in a 4×4 styled grid. The squares contain a unique number and range from 1 to 20 in the beginning column and so forth. So it goes on until you reach the final column that begins with 61 and ends with 80.

Winning this game takes a mix of methods between the variant with 90 balls and the variant with 70 balls. For example, you can win by striking off a random line, doubles, verticals, double columns, quarter corners, quarter squares in the center, etc. With so many ways to win, we bet you are itching to try this. So head over to the LeoVegas bingo tile room and win like the champ you are!

Bingo with 30 Balls

Raring to start with your newfound bingo skills? Hang on – we have another game title for you that will test all thrill-seekers. Speed Bingo, as the name goes, offers a variation with 30 balls in place. Your ticket will contain nine squares in this game with a unique number printed on a 3×3 style gridding design. The columns begin with 1 to 10, and until you reach 30. So how do you win this seemingly tiny game? By completing the Full House and stamping out all your competitors! Sounds fun? Then get your game face on, and dive right into the Lion on the Line bingo hall.

Have a clear idea from our extensive guide on the bingo variants you can play? Well, then, head on to the LeoVegas Bingo Lobby. Choose your favorite kind or begin experimenting to find what you like. Then, make an account on the LeoVegas site, and you are good to go!

You can simultaneously play a maximum of 3 separate bingo halls. To switch from one room to another, click on the hall you want at the top of the screen. You can’t miss it – it will be next to the ‘Home’ button.

Once you start playing, you will get to see the following on your screen unless you have a game going on:

No Ongoing Game at the Lion’s Roar Bingo Room

You can see the tempting progressive jackpot amount in the top left corner. On the opposite side, the top right corner shows the available prize pot set for the game you’re playing. You can even look at the breakdown of the prizes and seek out more information on the game. Finally, keep an eye out for the winners’ list for the games you played and were present for.

Here’s How to Get Your Hands on the Coveted Bingo Tickets Online

Buying bingo tickets has never been so easy. All you need to do is choose the number and type of tickets and click on the ‘buy tickets’ option. You will receive a confirmation text once you purchase them. No longer do you have to worry w. Your tickets will have a green tick next to them. On completion, you will receive a number for each ticket you have purchased.

You will see the Call Board on your screen when your game begins. It shows the numbers the game is calling out. The remaining numbers that you have to scratch out are shown on the top left corner of your ticket. You will receive notifications of every winner while the game is going on.

What Bingo Prizes You can Look Forward to

Winning comes easy when you know how, but what do you win? A treasure load, it would seem!

Every game has a unique game pot based on the type of Bingo you play. The prize consists of a percentage of money from the total bets that the players play. It could also be a proper, fixed amount or a prize that consists of both.

Other games have other prizes as well. For example, if a player wins by achieving it in a particular number of calls. They receive a fixed or progressive jackpot. The value of progressive jackpots increases as time passes. It accrues a percentage from the cost of the purchased tickets and adds it to the jackpot prize pool.

Apart from these, you also get valuable promotions that spread the bounty among players.

Advantages of Playing on the LeoVegas Online Bingo Lobby

Online Bingo in itself is a huge advantage over physical bingo halls. They trump the hardship of finding a bingo hall close to home and going out. Moreover, you would be wrong to think that’s all you get in an online bingo room. Yes, the fun never ends! So let us have a look at the benefits users get from the online format of bingo halls:

Organized outlook for players: This option allows players to filter the game variants by choosing the type they want to play. You can opt to receive rooms for a particular variant ball game that you wish to play instead of others. Other sorting advantages include finding the lowest cost of tickets, the biggest progressive jackpots available, which game starts first, etc.

Creating avatars and other settings: Players get the opportunity to tinker around with the daub shapes, colors, sounds, and other options. You can modify the Bingo Caller settings to your liking. You can choose as well as alter your avatar. We can safely bet that that is not possible in a physical bingo! In an online setting, you are the master. You get to choose whatever you want so that you can win without any distractions or compromises.

Ability to pre-buy a game of Bingo: Do you want to plan a perfect night of Bingo with your friends but cannot score tickets? Worry not! With the pre-buy option online, you can purchase tickets for your members or clients in advance of 30 days. Yes, you get that edge over other bingo-playing outlays, and you can take full advantage of it. You can buy your tickets beforehand from the game you want to play by selecting the ‘pre-buy’ option. Or, you can choose the ‘pre-buy tickets’ option from the side panel and choose the room for your tickets. You get to decide the time and date for your convenience.

Additionally, in case you are unable to join the event at the time of the occasion, you can use the tickets at a later slot. It allows you to enjoy the sport on your terms as it should be.

Why You Should Choose LeoVegas Casino for Your Bingo Gaming Requirements

LeoVegas accords players an opportunity to play Bingo with excellent pros to back them up. The casino revolutionizes the complete experience to provide for you a game of elevation and utter sophistication. Besides the fantastic Welcome Offer reward, the casino offers delectable offers on Bingo as well as glamorous promotions. Get free games and innumerable chances to score real money rewards with free tickets. You will be showered with gifts and opportunities never seen before. LeoVegas Casino is where dreams become more. Let your dreams come true and be a champion of epic proportions. Click on the button below, get your tickets, and start playing now!

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