7s Wild Slot

Free Spinsyes
Minimum Bet€5.00 per spin
Maximum Bet€500 per spin
Bonus Gameyes
Bonus Roundsyes
Wild Symbolyes
Scatter symbolyes

This slot machine has been developed by IGT, a trusted casino game developer. This slot is really popular, it is especially distinguished by amazing graphics and amazing musical accompaniment. The theme is inspired by a night scene of fruits and stars. You can play on your computer, mobile, or tablet and the slot has a modern and stylish look. You can use the “Play Now” and “Spin” buttons for a chance to win big! The game itself is interesting and has its fair share of wins. You can win as well as lose, it all depends on how much and what percentage of the payline you hit. In this review, we will delve into paylines, symbols, features, bonuses, and more.

Minimal and Maximal Bets Tips

There are several parameters that will affect the betting potential of a slot game and in most cases, these parameters are set by the gaming company ahead of time in order for the game to fit a particular niche. In the 7s Wild game with 5 reels and a $20 max jackpot, the maximum bet is $5 per spin, which gives an optimal win of $100 if someone hits the jackpot. 

If a player wants to be able to walk away with at least $25 even if they don’t win the jackpot, that player needs to set a minimum bet of $2.50. For a $2.50 bet, the player would need to roll 4 red and 4 black balls to make a $10 profit. The player can choose a different slot machine and set their bet to $5 at a time, but this means they are not making the most of their $2.50 bet and are actually losing $50 in the process.

By setting the bet to a lower value than the line, the player makes a bet against the line. If the player is too far over the value, they can win too much, and if the player is too far below the value, they can lose a lot by betting on the payline. For example, the optimal bet for a 5 reel game is $0.15, but for a 5 reel game with a $20 max jackpot, the optimal bet is much lower. This means that if a player wants to walk away with only $25, even if they win the jackpot, they will have to set their bet to $0.04 or $0.05.

You can see that the rate value on the left is $0.03, which is below the $0.05 line on the right. Thus, the player will have to win $6 on a 5 reel slot machine, which is about the maximum bet for most slot machines. This is a very low-risk game and the player can walk away with over $100 if they hit the $20 jackpot, or $130 if they win the biggest jackpot.

7s Wild Slot Available Bonuses

The bonus features of the 7s Wild slot are two Wild symbols on reels 5 and 6, as well as the Scatter feature in the game. 7s Wild with five bonus features. The 7s Wild Slot symbol is the most basic and important feature of the game, making it the symbol of the game as well as the payoff. Unlike most slot machines where the payouts per wild symbol are minimal, in IGT’s 7s Wild slot the wild symbol provides a big payout with a maximum reward of 4095 coins if you land a combination of five scatter symbols.

Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, and 7s

In the 7s Wild slot, you will find the most important game symbols. All symbols are on the left side of the screen. The remaining symbols are in the middle and on the right. There are 10 main symbols in the 7s Wild slot:

  • 2 7s Wild symbols on reels 1 to 4;
  • 7 wild symbols on reels 5 and 6;
  • 1 wild symbol anywhere on the reels;
  • 3 coin logo symbols anywhere on the reels.

Bonuses & Free Spins

The 7s Wild slot has two free spins round. One bonus round has the wilds symbol, and the second bonus round has the sevens Wild. If you get five or more wilds in the base game, you can win a prize that starts at $0.3 and goes to a maximum of $100.

Bonus Round

To win the free spins bonus round, you need to get five or more 7s Wilds in the base game. When you get to the free spin round, you will get 10 free spins. You can play the free spins round by clicking on the bonus symbol. In the free spins round, the symbols are a bar, five scatters, and three bells. The wild symbol can only be found in the free spins round.

Base Game

To play in the base game, you can select the number of reels. You can also play the game on single reels, three reels, and five reels. To start playing for money, you can place your bet anywhere from $0.05 to $50. You will get:

  • One payline on a single reel;
  • Two paylines on three reels;
  • Five paylines on five reels. 

When you get to the paytable, you can click on the bet you want to use, which is next to the symbol.

Mobile 7s Wild Slot

This game was designed to play on mobile. You will be able to play this game without reels, or with reels. When you play without reels, you will be able to play one free game at a time. This free game can be set at any time. After you have played your free games, you can click on the reels for an extra game.

If you play with reels, you will be able to play two free games at once. You will start with three reels, and you can play two free games at a time. The first game can be set at any time. The second game can be set at any time. When you start the second game, you will be able to choose the first game. The symbols in the mobile version of the 7s Wild slot are the same as the reels.

The mobile version of this game also has the Wilds in the game. To start the base game on your mobile device, click on the symbol for a free spin. This is the symbol that is the Wild. When you get the free spins round, you will get 10 spins. When you get to the free spins round, you will find the same three bonuses you will find in the desktop version of this game. To play in the free spin round, click on the Wild symbol.

7s Wild Slot Withdrawals

Today there are a wide variety of ways to 7s Wild Slot Withdrawals. For this purpose, electronic wallets, bank cards, or accounts can be used. And when deciding how to withdraw money, you should consider all possible options.

The most common instruments for conducting financial transactions are:

  • Electronic wallets;
  • Credit cards;
  • Skrill system;
  • Neteller virtual card;
  • Bank draft bank checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play 7s Wild Slot on Mobile?

To play the 7s Wild slot game online you will need an internet connection, a compatible mobile device, and some coins. You can use your phone credit to play this game. Download the free 7s Wild slots app or just type the game name in the search field of the play online casino app on your mobile device. If you are a slot junkie and want to play more slots for free just go to the mobile casino's section.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing 7s Wild Slot?

Definitely, you can win a very solid amount by playing this top-notch slot from IGT. Since the slots of this company have a high RTP and give a great chance to get rich.

Can I Play 7s Wild Slot for Free?

Yes, you can play in demo mode - this will give you the opportunity to improve your skill and just enjoy the game. It is worth noting that in this mode you will not be able to win money.


Summing up, it is worth noting that this slot is not accidentally so popular among gambling fans. In this review, you have learned about all the main benefits of this slot, so whether you are a beginner or a pro in this topic, you will be satisfied with choosing it.

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