Wheel of Fortune

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Free Spins:yes;
Minimum Bet:€5.00 per spin;
Maximum Bet:€500 per spin;
Bonus Game:yes;
Bonus Rounds:yes;
Wild Symbol:yes;
Scatter symbol:yes;

A popular online slot from IGT called Wheel of Fortune is a fun online slot game for people who like their slot machines to have a lot of unique features. The original game had a lot of great bonus features that have been removed and replaced with newer and better things.

Wheel of Fortune has become one of the widespread online slots for people who like their slot machines to have many unique features. Many players are not very familiar with slot machines and the original slot. Therefore, in this review, we will fully tell you about all the features of this popular slot, as well as the mobile version, bonuses, withdrawals, and other important information.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Available Bonuses

This is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with well-thought-out bonus features. Since there is no maximum bet size during free spins, you can receive winnings from each free spin and have the opportunity to win more. This is what some players will like. The RTP of the game is 96.77% which is very good. The game is easy to learn and it provides a lot of entertainment. There is also a bonus mode that will provide players with plenty of free spins and bonus features. The game also does not offer a maximum bet size for free spins, so you can win a lot of credits if you land a winning combo during this time.

Minimal and Maximal Bets Tips

Some will tell you that you can’t win at WOF. That you should always make the maximum bet and leave the minimum bet at the office. While I agree with this, it’s also important to understand that this will only work if you know what you’re doing and your game has no home advantage issues. You can play a slot machine with a casino and the maximum bet is such that you risk losing more money than the casino receives.

So, when it comes to playing at the maximum and minimum stakes, you must be fully aware of what is happening in the game. When it comes to the minimum bet, you don’t want to lose because the casino will win more money. The idea is that you want to reduce the size of your bankroll in order to maximize your winnings. In terms of the max bet, you earn the most when you lose.

Wheel of Fortune Slot

How Do the Minimum Bets Work?

To fully comprehend how it works, you must first examine how the game works. While the game may look like it’s just one wheel spinning in a circle, it’s actually two wheels spinning in a circle. If a win comes, it most likely comes from one wheel, which is called “active”. An inactive wheel is called a “passive” wheel.

Let’s look at three games that are used to show this in action. Here is a game where the player has $5 left in their bankroll and wants to use that minimum amount.

  1. First, the “passive” wheel spins once; There is a 50/50 chance that this will happen;
  2. The “active” wheel then spins five times and the “winning” face reveals the prize;
  3. Now that $5 has been wagered on the first wheel.
  4. The game keeps spinning, but now the passive wheel doesn’t work;
  5. That $5 has now been reduced to $4 and the player can now bet on the “active” wheel.

As you can see, the player has a $20 win, but since the active wheel has already completed five spins, he cannot claim that $20 win.

So what we have here is that you have to place at least the minimum bet so that you know you will receive your winnings. If you have a higher minimum bet and you lose, you still get the winnings for the wheel you won, but since you already lost at the lower minimum bet, you won’t win at the higher minimum bet.

Wheel of Fortune Available Bonuses & Free Spins

While spinning the Wheel of Fortune Slot, different bonus symbols appear at different times. The bonuses are activated when they appear and you will get a chance to try your luck on the Fortune Wheel bonus round. It will test your knowledge and quick thinking to spot the wheel and spin it the fastest to win a fortune.

The game includes wild symbols and wilds and the reels start with a “Free Spin” symbol. The bonus feature activates randomly with a wheel in the middle of the screen and you must win an award. While in the bonus round, a bonus icon will appear in the center of the wheel and you will be asked to choose an answer to a question and guess right to win a fortune.

Special Offer

The Wheel of Fortune slot is a 5 reel game that gives players the chance to win prizes by spinning this wheel. There are 5 prizes to be won on all spinning reels, and that’s just part of what makes this game a winning one. It also contains a variety of symbols, from the letters commonly found on the Wheel of Fortune logo to various images of the Wheel. You will also see a set of different prizes that will change if you win one of the various bonuses added to the game.

  • Spin Bonus. The wheel spins from left to right and if it lands on the bonus prize, you will win the prize. If it lands on the game-ending Wheel of Fortune logo, then you win all the symbols on the reels, and that’s a total prize of 200 times your total stake; 
  • Match Bonus, where you will spin this wheel to make a winning combo. You will be grouped into groups of 3, which means you will win prizes equal to the first prize; 
  • Bonus Spin. Here you will spin the wheel to win a prize. You will match up to 3 times. So if you just won 1 prize, you will win 3 more prizes. Thus, you will win prizes based on the number of prizes you have already won. This makes for a fairly fast-paced gaming experience, which is exactly what you want in a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

Mobile Wheel of Fortune Slot

In principle, all the features are exactly the same as on the desktop version, but only on the mobile device Apple iOS and Android. Wheel of Fortune is an online slot with five reels. To do this, all five reels must spin when winning symbols land. The slot consists of two or three winning symbols and also includes one, two, or three bonus symbols, as well as ten, scatter symbols that help win bonus rewards.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Withdrawals

To withdraw your winnings, players will need to use their Neteller or Skrill account (PayPal and Moneybookers are also available). Before you can do this you will need to ensure that your card is linked to your account, which is done by going into your profile and clicking on the link button (as shown below). If you don’t know how to do this, you will need to contact Neteller support. To withdraw your winnings, you will need to access the Cashier screen in your game, under the “My Account” link, then click the “Withdraw” link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Wheel of Fortune Slot on Mobile?

To play the slot, you will need access to the network, a smartphone, and some coins. To play you don't even need to download the app, it's enough to have an up-to-date browser version with HTML5 support.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Wheel of Fortune Slot?

The most recent version of the game includes Wheel of Fortune slots. They also have the ability to play progressive jackpots for players who want to try their luck at winning big. This slot's progressive jackpot grows with each spin, and there's a good chance you'll win it at any time.

Can I Play Wheel of Fortune Slot for Free?

This slot is available for free play. This no-download slot machine has three reels, sticky wilds, scatter symbols, and a multiplier. Free online Wheel of Fortune slots can be entertaining, but if you want to play more than one game at a time, you must find a website dedicated to providing free online Wheel of Fortune slots.


You should definitely try this game if you are a true winner and enjoy spinning the wheel of fortune and betting as much as we do! This slot machine has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in casinos that have slot machines. This is a game that you simply cannot miss, whether you play it online or in the traditional manner.

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