Wild Life Slot Review

Wild Life Slot

Wild Life slot is an online gambling game from IGT, based on the theme of the great natural and geographical diversity of the African savannah. This makes it a great game for those who want to have fun and relax. This is a 5-reel, 25-line game that uses a standard 5×3 grid. The maximum number of coins you can wager on each spin is £0.25. This is a great slot and you are sure to have a great time playing it. This game is suitable for players of all skill levels and experience levels. In this review, we will consider all the features, bonuses, withdrawal methods, and other important information.

Minimal and Maximal Bets Tips

The betting options available on the online slot game are the same as those available when playing for real money. The slot has three betting options, which are listed in this order: 25, 50, and 100. If the player chooses to play with a lower betting option, the bet must be doubled. For example, if the player chooses to play with the Minimum Bet, the first bet of 0.25 from 25.00 to 25.25 must be wagered in order to obtain a total wager of 50.00. If the player gets a winning combination of three wild symbols on the reels, the player’s total winnings will be 25.00.

The game’s minimum payout is 200 to 1 (or $25.00), which means the minimum payout is 100 to 1. If the player obtains a winning combination of three wild symbols, the machine’s total payout will be 300 to 1. (or 50.00). As the bet level increases, so does the game’s payout. The maximum payout for a winning combination is 4,500 to 1, implying that the player can win up to 20,000.

Wild Life Slot Available Bonuses

The slot has three different sorts of bonuses. You can win one of the three free spins and bonus rounds if you land three or more wild symbols during the basic game. These bonuses are only good for three spins. You will receive a reward if you land three wild symbols in the base game. When you win one of the free spins, you will be given three more free spins in the same symbol as the wild you landed on. 

Jackpot Symbols and Gameplay

There are two jackpot icons in the Wild Life slot game. One of these symbols can be utilized to win a jackpot reward. If you land a jackpot symbol, you will be awarded a certain sum of money. If you land this symbol in the base game, you’ll win £250. If you get this symbol in a free spins game, you’ll earn £5,000!

The wild icon is the second jackpot symbol. If you manage to obtain three wild symbols in the same game, you will receive this symbol. When you win this symbol, you will also receive the associated reward. If you get this symbol during the main game, you’ll get the prize that comes with it.

You will have the opportunity to win three prizes with free spins:

  • The first reward will be three free spins;
  • The second prize will be two free spins; 
  • The third prize will be one free spin.

Bonuses & Free Spins

Free Spins are similar to what you get in other slot games, as you get a certain amount of free rounds that can be played on the game. What makes Wild Life unique is that Free Spins can be re-triggered. For each winning spin, you get Free Spins with no wagering requirements and you can then choose whether or not to use them. When you are ready to play, just hit the button for the free spin mode and the Free Spins game will start.


The Wild Life bonus round can be triggered by any winning spin of three or more. It’s a high-risk high-reward one. If you win three scatters and the Free Spins mode is enabled, you’ll go into a bonus round. As you play the bonus rounds, wild hippos will come in and start attacking your reels. When they do, they drop golden hippo beads. You will collect these beads and if you manage to do so, then you’ll win a special prize. After you finish the bonus round, you’ll be given a percentage of your total bet back, along with a bonus cash prize. If you didn’t win, your total bet will be returned. This is a good opportunity to go back and play your Free Spins if you have any left.

Wild Multipliers

Wild Life slots come with Wild Multipliers. These are Wild symbols that can multiply a win and give you additional prizes. For example, Wild symbols can multiply your win. So, if you win one, two, or even five times your initial bet, then the multiplier will be added to the total amount won. A winning Wild Multiplier can be anywhere from 25 to 2,000.

Payouts and Multipliers

There are two types of wins. These are the regular win and the bonus win:

  • If you collect at least one symbol on a win, you will get a regular win;
  • If you collect three or more symbols, you will get a multiplier of two. That’s for the win; 
  • If you get the wild symbol, there will be a multiplier of five for the win. 

This means that there are four payouts for any symbol. The top payout is a total of $3,500, and you can win this symbol anywhere on the game.

Mobile Wild Life Slot

Wild Life slot can be played on mobile devices. It has only one pay line. It can be played with real cash. The slot has a fixed rate of 1.00 coin per line. The mobile version is quite simple to play. If you click on the spin button, it will initiate the gameplay. It is your task to have all the winnings unlocked.

Wild Life Slot Features

Free Spinsyes
Minimum Bet10 coins per spin
Maximum Bet20000 coins per spin
Bonus Gameno
Bonus Roundsyes
Wild Symbolyes
Scatter symbolyes

Wild Life Slot Withdrawals

Within a week, you will have the choice of wagering bonuses before or after making a deposit. You will also be granted an additional 30 free spins. If the wagering requirements are satisfied, you can withdraw any bonus money you have won at any time. If you win the jackpot during the free rounds, you will get a cash reward equivalent to 100 percent of the jackpot value. There are no wagering restrictions for these prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Wild Life Slot on Mobile?

Wild Life has an app available. This works well on both iOS and Android. To use it, you must download the app first. Then connect the app to your game. You will need to enter your username and password. If this is the first time you have connected to the app, you will be prompted to do this. Once done, you can play Wild Life by pressing the “play now” button.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Wild Life Slot?

The slot, which is the most prominent in the sector, has grown in popularity among the general public in recent years. It's simple to understand why. This game has a real probability of winning because the RTP is 95.4 percent.

Can I Play Wild Life Slot for Free?

Of course, you can play the game for free in demo mode. The only thing worth noting is that such a game is only available for review and entertainment purposes; you cannot win real money.


The Wildlife slot was developed by IGT, one of the world’s largest gaming companies. This slot is the brand extension of the popular Wild Safari slot game, a slot that was developed by another company. The Wildlife slot is based on the popular wildlife theme. Although this game has some similarities to the original slot, it is not as successful as the original, perhaps because it does not feature as many animals and exotic animals as the original does. Because of this, many people have made up their minds that this game is no good, when in reality, it is just a little different, but not that different. When IGT started developing this game, it became popular very fast and soon started to outsell the original game. In some regions of the world, it is one of the most popular slots you can find, and there are good numbers of people playing it.

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