Cleopatra Slot Review

Cleopatra Slot

Cleopatra is a classic slot game with a story, characters, and prizes that are sure to set you up for gambling. Cleopatra is an elegant design that puts the user at the center of the action. With the ability to enjoy all the games offered by Cleopatra through the mobile app, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to enjoy the game.

It was developed by the gaming house IGT and is a real pleasure to play. Cleopatra is known for her special bonus rounds that will test your gaming experience. Play Cleopatra and enjoy the story. Cleopatra has classic symbols like an Egyptian headdress, crown of thorns, and Cleopatra herself. This 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine can be played in its original form online or in a mobile version compatible with a smartphone or tablet.

Minimal and Maximal Bets Tips

The betting options available on the online slot game are the same as those available when playing for real money. The slot has three betting options, which are listed in this order: 25, 50, and 100. If the player chooses to play with a lower betting option, the bet must be doubled. For example, if the player chooses to play with the Minimum Bet, the first bet of 0.25 from 25.00 to 25.25 must be wagered in order to obtain a total wager of 50.00. If the player gets a winning combination of three wild symbols on the reels, the player’s total winnings will be 25.00.

The game’s minimum payout is 200 to 1 (or $25.00), which means the minimum payout is 100 to 1. If the player obtains a winning combination of three wild symbols, the machine’s total payout will be 300 to 1. (or 50.00). As the bet level increases, so does the game’s payout. The maximum payout for a winning combination is 4,500 to 1, implying that the player can win up to 20,000.

Cleopatra Slot Available Bonuses

The Cleopatra Bonus will be paid out when you reach the minimum level of 15x your stake and you can then withdraw funds or use them to play more, by which time the Cleopatra Bonus will increase to 25x your stake. You can expect to pay out at least £1.00 in bonus money per wager and as your odds are really good you can even bet £5.00 and pay out a £5.00 win!

You can also take your Cleopatra bonus and then add the extra bonus they are offering at the time. This is a bit of a hidden bonus as the Cleopatra bonus has many other things available which are displayed separately from the Cleopatra bonus. They show all the special bonuses that Cleopatra has to offer, however, some are better than others. So to find out more about the Cleopatra bonus and how it can help you get more money back and even win bigger bets, read on.

The Cleopatra bonus is a little unusual. Cleopatra has 5 different bonuses available to players. You are able to take all five of them and this means that you can combine a small amount of your own money to play with Cleopatra’s money and then you will be playing on a lot more than you normally would. These bonuses will all reward you with an extra amount of money depending on what you bet and where you are playing. These bonuses are also all paid on wins so the Cleopatra bonus really does increase your chances of winning!

Cleopatra 100% Welcome Bonus

This bonus is offered on the main website. This means that you don’t need to open an account to be able to get a start in the Cleopatra world of fun. Your first deposit of £10 will get you a 100% welcome bonus and it will be in the form of a 200% match bonus. This will mean that £20 is your real money outlay. You have to wager it 30 times on any given game before it can be withdrawn but this means that you can make a large amount of money.

You are able to make a 100% deposit when you choose and it will all be taken off your deposit, the same is true when you deposit the other £10 and that is also taken off your deposit so you end up with 100% on your first deposit and then 100% on the second. When you sign up to the Cleopatra site and you do that from one of their partner websites, then this welcome bonus will be paid out on top of the usual welcome offer.

If you force yourself to play this wonderful slot at the highest level, you will be able to:

  • Take advantage of their free bonus spins, which also payout with money that was on top of the Cleopatra bonus;
  • When you play Cleopatra Free Spins, they appear and give you the chance to play 10 free spins;
  • You can take these free spins and bet on them.

Cleopatra has made this option much better than most casino sites, allowing you to go straight to the play screen, which means you have a real chance to win.

Bonuses & Free Spins

This online slot pays out an unbelievable 5, 15, and 20x on the base game. The slot by is a 5-reel game that uses 2 paylines. This game can be played online and offers players a lot of choices. Cleopatra’s game comes with:

  • A base game;
  • Three bonus rounds;
  • Ten free games.

When to Play Cleopatra’s slot by IGT

Cleopatra’s slot is fun to play any time you want to win big money. This game can be played both for fun or to make money with bonuses that can earn you free spins, a bonus game, and free bets. Here are some tips that will help you ensure a winning game:

  • Start with min bets;
  • Increase a stake level step by step;
  • Be ready to quit the game at any time.

Mobile Cleopatra Slot

Another great option for online players is a mobile version of the game. There is no difference between the mobile app and the desktop. Playing in the mobile app is simple, and there is a variety of games available to play. The pokie is made for iOS and Android.

Cleopatra Slot Features

Free Spinsyes
Minimum Bet0.02 coins per spin
Maximum Bet200 coins per spin
Bonus Gameno
Bonus Roundsyes
Wild Symbolyes
Scatter symbolyes

Cleopatra Slot Withdrawals

Within a week, you have the option of wagering bonuses before or after making a deposit. In addition, you will be given an extra 30 free chips. You can withdraw any bonus money you win at any time if the wagering requirements are met. If you win the jackpot during the free spins, you will pocket a cash payout equal to 100 percent of the jackpot amount. There are no wagering requirements for these winnings.


In conclusion of this review, it is worth noting that Cleopatra is one of the best in the industry, from graphics and animation to design and interface. The symbols that are used in the slot include ancient symbols and other icons that will remind the user of the history of Cleopatra. From the game characters to the background, it’s a truly addictive gaming experience.


Can I Play Cleopatra Slot on Mobile?

As mentioned above, Cleopatra is designed for mobile devices. This means that you can enjoy playing the Cleopatra game on your phone, tablet, and other gadgets. The mobile app has everything that the Cleopatra homepage does. There are 5 reels, 25 pay lines, and a classic feel that puts you in the middle of the action. The mobile app has all the benefits of playing the game from your mobile device.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Cleopatra Slot?

The slot, which is the most visible in the industry, has become very popular among the masses in the last couple of years. It’s very easy to see why. In this game, the real chance to win as the RTP is 95.80%.

Can I Play Cleopatra Slot for Free?

Of course, you can play the game for free in demo mode. The only thing worth noting is that such a game is only available for review and entertainment purposes; you cannot win real money.

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