LeoVegas Sports

The LeoVegas Sports website was created for players from all over the world who love to play and bet their real money on sporting events and other games. Here you will find a lot of useful information that you will definitely need before you start playing.


Leo Vegas Advantage:

  • Large cash prizes;
  • Beautiful and unobtrusive site design;
  • Simple and convenient functionality, you won’t find it hard to find the information you need;
  • Fast responses to chat operators;
  • Games from famous manufacturers;
  • Lots of bonuses for every player;
  • Many payment methods;
  • Payments are made without delay;
  • Have an app for any type of phone;
  • A large number of games for all tastes;
  • High quality graphics.

Leo Vegas Defects:

  • No broadcast mode;
  • No Virtual Reality mode.

Welcome Bonus

To get this bonus, you must be a new player, and you must also have only one account. You cannot have two accounts, because you will not be given any bonus, but you can also lock two accounts at the same time. The first thing you need is to register on the official website, as well as identity verification. Next, you will receive a verification code that you are a real user of this site.

To receive the bonus you need to put money in the casino of at least €10. You will immediately receive a bonus of up to €100. There is a small nuance, you need to use it for 30 days otherwise the entire bonus will simply be debited from your account. Be careful and read all the conditions so you don’t miss anything.

Also the maximum bet amount is €25. It is necessary to bet with a cell phone.

How to collect the bonus prize:

  • Leo Vegas Bonus 50% up to €100 for 30 days.
  • Choose a card that is convenient to use and put it on the site by default.
  • All bonus prizes will come with real money, which can be used for further wagering.

Leo Vegas sports betting code

The code in principle is not necessary. Since this offer is valid for all players and only the best players on the platform receive them. To participate, simply register and enter all the necessary data. Then make their first real money, which is played for sports. You can bet on any amount from the minimum to the maximum, which is indicated on the casino site. And all, you automatically become a participant in this offer.

Leo Vegas Promotional Offers

This promotion is very big at the moment and is valid for the soccer team. You will be able to increase your profits and get $500 in your account in the form of real money.

For every winning bet, you get a total of points. For big monthly points you have the chance to compete for $1500. Remember that there are a lot of participants, so more bets need to be made.

To participate, you need to bet from $20 and play exclusively on mobile live.

The smallest factor you can put is 1.50. There are no more actions at the moment. They appear very often and need to follow this process, so you do not miss the profitable opportunity to win a lot of money.

VIP Club Leo Vegas

There are many levels in this club.

To increase your level, you need to make good bets on a continuous basis. Be a very active player and don’t be afraid to lose your money if you lose. So next time, you will be able to get much more.

Each level has its own advantages, which give the possibility of a good win.

The higher the level, the steeper you get.

Leo Vegas Casino Bonuses

On the platform you can see a lot of slot machines that you will definitely enjoy. You will definitely find something that you will like. Here you will definitely not get bored, because there are many games, they are all different for any topic. All the games have a chance to get bonus prizes.

To bet on sports, you need to visit our site. To bet on sports, you must be twenty-two years old, otherwise you cannot bet because of an age limit. You will find more than eight hundred games, with different themes. Very popular at all times is obviously soccer. There are also live games that capture you from the first seconds with their quality and professionalism.

Leo Vegas sports betting

When you want to play, there are two types for you: Dota 2, League of Legends.

Alas, but there is no virtual reality.

You can play from your mobile device in a place convenient for you. You don’t need to be at home. Leo Vegas is famous because you can bet, not only on soccer, because it is popular. But also on: tennis, basketball, field hockey, rugby, table games, boxing, golf, cycling, skiing, etc.

In the menu, see everything you can bet in the near future and bet on it, waiting for more results.

Soccer betting

You have the opportunity to make not only bets on soccer, but very interesting bets with real features. Here you will find a variety of soccer, different countries. You need to select the country you want to bet and bet. As an addition you can choose the number of goals scored, as well as the number of yellow cards you get during the game. Make the best odds so that your winnings are super. After betting, watch and share your impressions.

Basketball betting

With basketball everything is almost the same. You have the ability to bet in real time and the games that are coming soon.

You can bet on any country you want, even on all the World Championships that exist now. You can choose how much the team will earn points and who will win in a given time. Everything is done so that you would be excited about your favorite game and admire the bets you win.

Betting on eSports

You can play on an online Multiplayer Combat Arena in a group or six in the first person referring to shooters. You can play different games that are programmed in the program in the menu. The most popular is: Dota 2, League of Legends. To better understand what to bet, it is better to look at the previous games and compare their results. Then, you can determine what is best to bet now. Choose the game and the betting odds with the minimum risk for you.

Leo Vegas sport streaming

To date, it is not possible to watch live broadcasts of any game. This feature in the casino is not available, but it will exist in the near future.

There may also be different restrictions per country where you want to watch the matches.

Leo Vegas Odds

When choosing a betting platform, the key point is the payout percentage indicator. The table of the Swedish bookmaker is very excellent, with soccer payouts of about 95%, which coincides with the indicators of the big bookmakers. The higher the percentage the higher the actual payout. The provider not only has great ratios on some significant betting most famous types of sports, but offers very large average values in percentage in the pre-match payout for all types of sports and in certain matches.

Real possibilities

Live you can bet on any sport you want. The only thing is that you will not be able to watch in real time.

The same rules apply here as in other bets. Others do not have such advantages.

Live betting

To find out what sports events are, you need to go to the site and in the “Live” section, you will see all the events that will be now or in the near future. You can look at previous statistics and make your choice based on them.


Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work here and now it’s not clear whether it will be created in the future or not. So go to the platform where there is such a Betfair feature.

Leo Vegas Application

The application has convenient access to all types of phones. The application itself can be safely downloaded and used whenever and wherever you want. For example, you have to go somewhere, but you want to bet on sports, so it will be very easy to do so. Even just walking around town, you can safely play and get their passive profit. Do not forget that you must be over eighteen years old to bet money for sports competitions. The application is the same wide variety of sports game to your preferences. Also in the application there is a chat with an operator who is ready to help you at any time. This chat is active 24 hours a day, so you can have peace of mind if you have any questions. The app has a great rating and reviews. You can read the reviews by going to Google Play Store.

Deposit and withdrawal

  • PayPal is a very popular payment system that has been offering its services for almost two decades and alternatives to cash and check transactions. This payment system has a long history of development, as well as the highest scores among other payment systems and quite good ratings from the users themselves. It is also important to note that this electronic payment system provides reliable protection against fraud and can ensure complete safety of user data. There is no commission, the minimum contribution is €10 and the withdrawal is five days.
  • Skrill is an electronic payment system that allows users to send and play in online casinos with real money. Payment transactions using this system can be completely anonymous and only your email address can be used to use this payment method. Skrill is an e-wallet that can be used to withdraw cash on online casino sites. Payment can be made in seconds by selecting this method from those available. This system has been operating since 2001 and has the best reviews among users. It works without commissions, the minimum deposit is 10, the withdrawal period is five days.
  • Calculating and making payment transactions using PaySafe is quite simple and fast. Users can make payments without a credit or debit card. To do this, you just need to follow a few simple steps, namely log into your account, choose PaySafe real money casinos as your payment method, check the amount and pay.

PaySafe can also be used to withdraw winnings from online casino sites.

However, you should also check if a particular site supports a payment system like PaySafe. It works without commissions, the minimum deposit is 10, the withdrawal period is five days.

  • Maestro. It works without commissions, minimum deposit is $10, withdrawal period is five days.
  • Postepay. Works without commissions, minimum deposit is €10, withdrawal period is five days.
  • MasterCard. Works without commissions, minimum deposit is €10, withdrawal period is five days.
  • Bank Transfer. Works without commissions, minimum deposit is €10, withdrawal period is two to three days.
  • VISA. Works without commissions, minimum deposit is €10, withdrawal period is five days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LeoVegas Safe?

Leo Vegas is one hundred percent safe, as it has a valid license, which is on the site with a special number. All the games we provide are fully licensed and secure. The Platform uses special encryption so that no one can hack your provided data. Prevention: Information on awareness and monitoring of gaming activity; Protection: Tools to recognize the behavior that characterizes gambling addiction and prevent minors from accessing games; Self-help: Functions to moderate or prohibit participation in games (deposit limits and self-exclusion tools).

How can LeoVegas be improved?

LeoVegas is the easiest and most intuitive sports betting and entertainment site you can find on the market. The provider operates legally in our country with a concession provided by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and provides very large security benchmarks to encrypt your information. However, LeoVegas does not have a live broadcast of sports games, which is mainly provided by competitor Eurobet. There is no way to play in virtual reality on the platform, and this is very important in today's world.

LeoVegas Contact and Support

All questions that arise for users while playing are collected in the LEoVegas support section. Here you will find a complete list of questions players may have when playing with money. To chat with an employee, you should use the LeoVegas online chat with an immediate response or send an email to the address provided.

[email protected]

A real customer support that is always ready to offer customers answers to their queries. The presence of a live chat in Italian, the ability to communicate with employees in real time. Not all operators provide this service, so many customers prefer LeoVegas to other companies.

You can write to the mail, which is on the Leo Vegas platform or use the online chat, which works constantly.

Leo Vegas Platform

Leo Vegas is a very colorful platform, it has a very calm orange color. The platform has a convenient functionality, everything is close and clear. There is no difficulty in finding information. On the main page all the sections for sports betting are available immediately. At the bottom you can see the information about the license and its number. Also, you can immediately choose which sport you are interested in now. Each sport has a special icon that indicates it.

LeoVegas Registration

To register, you need to log in to the Leo Vegas platform and click on register. Next, you will be asked to choose your desired language. Next, you need to enter a valid phone number and E-mail, check that you agree to the processing of personal data. Then enter your first and last name, date of birth. Confirm your identity through a specific document and that’s it. Choose a very strong password that you will remember for a long time.

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