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Discover here the top casinos and bookmakers, rating excellent in all aspects, the legal background, the details about Quebec online casino and local games, and more!

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Quebec online casino: the Best and Legal Ones

Quebéc is one of the most fascinating places in Canada. If you are a fan of online gambling Quebec, both online and in scenic casinos, then paying a visit to this beautiful province is a must. Quebéc is, among the Canadian provinces, a venue for everything you desire, and in this guide we are going to introduce you to the magic of online and physical casinos in Quebéc, Canada.

Besides listing and describing the top casinos for online gambling in Quebéc, we are going to analyse the law enabling you to bet safely and legally. To make this guide as comprehensive as possible, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic, so you are 100% informed on online (and local) casino Quebec online.

Online gambling in Quebéc

Being a fan of bets and gambles has never been easier, and funnier, if you reside in Quebéc. The province, the second most popular in Canada after Ontario, offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of online and local casinos, and here we are going to briefly cover the best as of 2023. We work to provide our clients with the most accurate information, therefore all casinos listed here are 100% legal, with positive customer reviews, and have passed our strict selection criteria in order to be crowned at the top.

Gambling online

Nonetheless, we must underline that it is of the utmost importance that you check these casinos for yourself before committing big on depositing money and playing: you can trust us, and the casinos we review; but it is not us who you give the money to, and when it comes to money, trust is never enough.

A quick look to the casino’s website, as well as its Terms and Conditions, will immediately tell you if something seems off. If you check the following casinos quebec online, we assure you that you won’t find anything wrong, because there isn’t any! Let’s see more in detail what they are about.

All About Quebec canadian online casinos

Local casinos are big in Quebéc, and there are many fantastic ones, offering incredible locations and views, hundreds of options in terms of games and slots, true, real competition and fun and overall a magic atmosphere. Here is a list of some of the best ones.

  • Land based casinos. Situated next to the fabulous Fairmont Le Manoir RIchelieu hotel, it features 20 gaming tables and more than 800 slot machines. Benefits from staying near the hotel are many high-class facilities, including the access to the luxurious spa, a neighbouring golf course and stunning views on the Land based casinos.

Address: 183 Rue Richelieu, La Malbaie, QC, G5A 1X8

Quebec casinos

Website: Casino de Charlevoix

  • Salon de Jeux Trois Rivières. VLTs, electronic Keno, slot machines: visit the Salon de Jeux at Trois-Rivières for an electronic experience. More than 200 online casino Quebec games revisited in an electronic tone set the electrifying and friendly atmosphere given by this online casino Quebec. A new way of thinking about local casinos, because of its nature the Salon de Jeux lacks live dealers.

Address: 1900 Boulevard des Forges, Trois-Riviéres, QC, G8Z 0A3

Website: Salon de Jeux Trois-Rivières

  • Casino de Montréal. The most famous among the three, it is useless to spend many words on it. The biggest online casino Quebec not only in Quebéc, but in all Canada, you can find about every table game and play at one of the 3,200 slot machines available. The best in terms of quality and quantity of gaming options, with a specific section, The Zone, dedicated to new players.

Address: 1 Avenue du Casino, Montréal, QC, H3C 4W7

Website: Casino de Montréal

Gambling Law in Quebéc

As it is the case in all other Canadian provinces, Quebéc accepts the Criminal Code of Canada as the main legal authority in all matters. However, when it comes to gambling, legality is decentralised and left to the provinces to decide for themselves. This is the reason why all things related to gabling are overseen by the Quebéc Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission.

According to Quebéc rules

According to Quebéc rules, both land-based and online casino Quebec are, generally speaking, legal. But we have to make an important distinction between Espacejeux, the only legal online gaming platform regulated by the Quebéc Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission itself, and offshore casinos.

  • Espacejeux, based on the Lotto-Quebéc lottery commission of 1969, is the most complete online casino in the province. It includes casino games such as lotteries, poker, bingo, slots, sports betting and more. Being the official online casino website of the Quebéc commission on Games, there is no risk in using its services. Setting all the repertoire of casino games and bets aside, we should also underline two pros more about Espacejeux.

First, it focuses greatly on players’ safety and working hard against gambling addiction. That is why they provide an option for self-exclusion, enabling you to stop consumption of the website for the period of time you set. Secondly, because Espacejeux is regulated by the QARG Commission, it complies with the Canadian law according to which winnings are not subject to taxes.

  • Offshore casinos are, instead, online bookmakers which operate outside Quebéc (and Canada), but nonetheless make their services available to Canadian players. These websites are legal, because according to Canadian law, when it comes to gambling activities Quebéc has the right to set rules and regulations only concerning the services made available from within its borders. Therefore, the Government of Quebéc cannot interfere with gambling services from outside.

The Provincial Government of Quebéc

This wasn’t always the case. The Provincial Government of Quebéc, in disagreement with the situation, tried to pass Bill 74, one that aimed at banning all gambling operators besides Espacejeux. This bill deemed all offshore casinos illegal, and managed  to blacklist them all by ordering ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to put a block on them for all users who had an IP located in Quebéc. Such a bill had a short life, because the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) brought the case to Court. The Supreme Court of Canada declared such a bill in conflict with the Constitution, and the bill was revoked.

What to Look for in an Offshore Quebec online casinos

You now know about your possibilities as a gambler and online casinos player in Quebéc, that is, Espacejeux and offshore online casinos. With regards to the former, little can be added apart from what we covered above: the site is safe, legal, offers a wide variety of games and sports you can bet on and it is a great solution if you are looking for a place where to have fun. The website is very well organised, and you will find all the information you need in it. For further help, you can contact their support centre, available 24/7.

When it comes to offshore online casino Quebec, however, we understand there is more confusion among users, especially those new to the sector. It is completely understandable: since these bookmakers are not offered by the gambling authority in Quebec online casinos, customers require, as they should, more information before committing their money and time on them.

Gambling sites

This is the reason why we will now focus on offshore betting in Quebéc, and go through a few important points which enable you to be more confident in choosing a betting website. Let’s see, then, what are the key aspects to consider about these online gambling sites.

  • Legality. This is the most important factor, and it is fundamental you pay attention to it in order not to get frauded. We said previously that, generally speaking, offshore casino online Quebec are legal in the province. That is because there is no rule preventing citizens of Quebéc from betting or playing on other websites besides Espacejeux. However, this does not mean all online bookmakers are legal. Unfortunately, gambling is a business and, in the pursuit of greed, many frauders set up illegal online online casinos Quebec.

Thus, remember: in order to operate, a bookmaker has to be legal. How do they acquire legality? by acquiring a real and legit licence. How to check if a bookmaker holds an actual licence? Simply check the site.

Legal information online casino games

Usually, legal information is displayed at the bottom of the page, even though it could be somewhere else. In any case, it has to be visible to all users. If you can’t find it, leave the page and forget about it: it is not safe for you to invest money in it. If you do find it, make some research on the internet about the licence the bookmaker holds: some licences are pure appearance, and shouldn’t account for legality.

  • Reviews. Linked to the previous point, once you are sure the quebec online casino you are interested in holds a valid licence, then try to read some reviews about it. Mind you, online casinos receive many, many negative reviews. The difficulty is in understanding whether these reviews are purely rage because a user lost a lot of money, or are actually based on reality. The conclusion is: don’t base your judgement on users’ reviews only, but keep an eye on them as they can tell the truth.
  • Customer service. Customer support is vital in any service offered to users, even more when the service is a online casinos in quebec or bookmaker. With all the games offered, promos, bonuses and the like, it is normal for a customer to need a lot of help in navigating everything, especially if they are new. After all, we are talking about winning and losing money. Therefore, a responsive, prepared and hard working team at the customer support area is fundamental. There are several ways in which you can check the availability, responsiveness and friendliness of the staff.

You can look for the F.A.Q. section on the website, and see if something is mentioned about customer service.

Usually, a question is always related to this topic, and in the answer you should find info on how and when to contact support (e.g. on a chat box in the website itself, or via email, or phone number, etc.). Aside from the F.A.Q., another place in which you could also find information on the matter is on the “Contacts” section of the online site, or other informative panels which may be present on the gambling site.

Besides, you should always be able to contact the support centre, even if you are not a customer of the bookmaker yet (if you can’t, that’s a bad sign!). By doing so, you have the opportunity to get more info on the casino, or whatever matter interests you, and at the same time to test the support service.

Best Quebéc Online Casinos and Bookmakers

After all the advice and information on offshore gambling sites and casinos in quebec, it is time to give you a few names of reputable, trusted and legal bookmakers in Quebéc.

  • Jackpot City online casinos
  • Spin online casino
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Royal Vegas
  • Tony Bet
  • Mr Play
  • Betway online casino
  • Land based casinos

While these are great, licensed casinos in quebec offering good payout, a lot of games, generous bonuses and promotions and dedicated customer services, there are some others you should definitely avoid. Because we aim first and foremost at the security of our readers and clients, we decided to include a few names of blacklisted Canadian casinos. For example: Slots of Vegas, Prism Casino, Cool Cat Casino.


As we tried to convey in this guide, there are truly tons of options, both local and online, for Quebéc fans of casinos in quebec and bets. As advised, do your research and remember to be 100% sure before committing your money to a online casino Quebec. Other than that, all the names listed here are absolutely legal and invested in providing the best fun you can have. What are you waiting for?

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